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Page 8 - A year in the late 90s

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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400  JPG images from 35mm originals.

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37 418 at Prestatyn   EWS-liveried 37 418 arrives at Prestatyn in the pouring rain with a Holyhead train, Aug 1997
The red dragon (draig goch) and the red "draggin"
D6953 near Brockenhurst   "Preserved" D6953 heads an enthusiasts' special towards Brockenhurst, 31 Jan 1998
An unexpected bonus on a day out by rail, to Southampton and....
Lymington Harbour   EMU No 1301 passes the harbour at Lymington, 31 Jan 1998
....Lymington Harbour and the line to the pier
37 607 at Acton Grange   In DRS livery, 37 607 heads a southbound train of tanks near Acton Grange Junction, Warrington, 17 Feb 1998
Half term again, out and about.
IR 207 at Cork   "Enterprise" liveried 207, well off its usual metals, makes ready to leave Cork Glanmire freight depot with a cement train, 15 April 1998
An SRS day out - Shrewsbury to Cork.
GWR 1501 Eardington   GWR-designed 0-6-0 pannier tank no. 1501 hurries up Eardington Bank on the Severn Valley Railway, 25 April 1998
In working order at last, one of the more workmanlike products of the GWR
Pannier & Pug, Ingrow   Pannier and Pug - GWR pannier tank no. 5775 shares siding space at Ingrow with the depot pilot, ex L&YR "Pug" no 51218, on the Worth Valley's Enthusiasts' Day, 2 May 1998
I built an "Airfix" model of the pug once....
Coal tank and Pannier, KWVR   Ex-LNWR "Coal Tank" no. 1054 double-heads GWR pannier no 5775 near Haworth, Worth Valley Railway, 2 May 1998
Vintage loco and vintage stock
60 071 at Barnetby   A haze of exhaust as 60 071 heads a train of oil tanks from the Lincoln line past the semaphores at Barnetby, Lincs, 29 May 1998
How much longer can they last? A very popular gricing location.

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