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Page 6 - Continental Railways - Austria, Portugal, France and Eire.

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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400  JPG images from 35mm originals.

In each case, click on the thumbnail to view the image, then use the "Back" button to return to this page. 

Zillertalbahn   The Zillertalbahn, Austria - a steam-hauled mixed train makes ready to depart from Mayrhofen on its return journey to Jenbach, Feb 1970
Snapped by GC whilst skiving from a school skiing trip nearby 
TEE at Jenbach   A Trans-European Express passes through Jenbach (same day as above)
The original slide was badly overexposed, rather faded and a bit spotty - a wonderful thing, this digital photography!
CP 2-8-4T Porto   CP 2-8-4T 0181 heads a passenger train near Contumil, Porto, Portugal 1 July 1972
It's that Portuguese trip again.
E96 Sernada do Vouga   Portuguese metre-gauge no E96 heads away from Sernada do Vouga with a train for Aveiro, 28 June 1972
The archetypal branch line train...
A39 at Inchicore   Preserved and restored to the original silver livery, Irish Railways A39 stands outside Inchicore Works, 10 April 1996
And what a livery! It wasn't very practical in service - they were soon repainted green.
IR 144 at Limerick   Irish Railways GM No 144 stands at Limerick on a short train of ageing passenger stock, 24 October 1992
Like so many Irish stations, a real station - how we remember them.
SNCF 25210   SNCF BB25200 no. 25210 arrives at Questembert, Brittany with a westbound passenger train, 6 August 1992
Classic French loco-hauled passenger train.
GT multiple unit, Lison   Turbotrain, Lison, on the Cherbourg - Paris line, 7 August 1992
This multiple-unit hurtled through Lison in the Paris direction, as I waited for a Cherbourg train. These gas-turbine powered units operated before electrification of the route - I suspect they have gone now.
22374 at Redon   SNCF BB22200 no. 22374 "Noyon"stands at Redon, Brittany, 6 April 1993
Another real train... (unlike Sprinter-land)

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