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Page 5 - Industrial railways in Great Britain.

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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400  JPG images from 35mm originals.

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Cadley Hill   No 1 HE 3851/62 at Cadley Hill colliery, 25 June 1974
Cadley Hill was one of those wonderful places where you could just turn up, sign the indemnity book, and walk in!
Bedlay Colliery   Bedlay Colliery, with 0-6-0T No 9 HC 859/09 drawing wagons away from the screens, 22 August 1978
A lovely old loco which has survived into preservation, at Summerlee Heritage Park
Sentinel "Robin"   Sentinel "Robin" S 9628/57 at Tennants, Coatbridge 30 December 1975
The light had gone, but Sentinels don't go very quickly...
Friden brickworks   A pair of Rustons pollute the Derbyshire air at Friden brickworks, July 1978
Just beside the Cromford and High Peak, but easily overlooked, and long since gone.
Marlow Sand and Gravel   The charm of the industrial narrow gauge - the "Main Line" at Marlow Sand and Gravel, 23 August 1982
"on the straight and narrow", another site long gone.
Cold Hesledon   A rake of wagons ascends the "kip" at Cold Hesledon, at the top of the incline from Seaham Harbour, 15 August 1983
The cable hauled incline as a feature of industrial railways is now but a memory..
Harton Low Staithe   No 15 EE2600/Bg5320/59 at Harton Low Staithe, on the Westoe Colliery system, 15 August 1983 is the overhead electric.
Robin at Moor Green   Ex-BR D3618 "Robin" at Moor Green Colliery, 27 October 1983
D H Lawrence country, and just a stone's throw from the place of origin of the Midland Railway
Bromford Bridge   BSC Bromford Bridge - S10098 of 1962, 14 April 1993
Another Sentinel, this time diesel, and another defunct industrial location. In fact, they all are, in railway terms at least, though this page wasn't planned that way.

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