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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400 JPG images from 35mm originals.

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58 028 leaving Toton Yard   58 028 pulls a long coal train out of Toton yard. 21 Feb 1997
A short photographic outing on a bright half-term day.
6115 Scots Guardsman   6115 "Scots Guardsman" lifts the "Yorkshire Venturer" towards Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, on one of its rare outings. 11 Nov 1978
Much better than could have been expected on a foggy day. (Almost disaster - the just-visible DMU nearly got in the way)
60 066 passes Edale box   60 066 hauls a heavy stone train past Edale box. 22 Aug 1996
The Midland Railway box still signals the route followed by these heavy stone trains
CP E132 leaving Viseu   CP E132 metre gauge 2-8-2T leaves Viseu with a train for Sernada do Vouga, Portugal 27 June 1972
A railway fortnight in Spain and Portugal - lots of steam, lots of fun.
IR GM 165 at Waterford   Irish Railways GM No 165 stands in the bay at Waterford with a short passenger train. 29 March 1994
A great day out - Shropshire to Waterford and back, via Holyhead - Dublin, within 24 hours....
78022 leaving Keighley   78022 pulls away from Keighley station with an afternoon train. 3 June 1993
A BR "Mickey Mouse" - once again with its proper chimney (carried a Giesel for a while!!!)
Eurostar at Calais Frethun   A northbound Eurostar sweeps down the bank towards Calais Frethun. 25 June 1996
Day trip to northern France - lots to see, not very French weather though.
46229 at night   46229 "Duchess of Hamilton" stands at Crewe Bank, Shrewsbury, after working a Welsh Marches Express. 6 Nov 1982
The local fire service provides the watering facilities here, plus photographic opportunities
33 020 on a "North & West"   33 020 heads south from Shrewsbury past Bayston Hill with a Cardiff train. 17 April 1982
For a while, they were a common sight on the "North and West". The service has now been "improved" by class 158 Sprinters...

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