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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400 JPG images, from 35mm negatives.

In each case, click on the thumbnail to view the image, then use the "Back" button to return to this page.

4566 Bridgnorth   4566 at Bridgnorth, May 1990
Not long out of the paint shop, the GWR 2-6-2T poses in the shed yard
Hornet at Bersham   Hornet at Bersham Colliery, 24 August 1979
The cut-down Peckett (P1935/37) runs through the colliery on a sunny August day
5305 Glenfinnan   5305 near Glenfinnan, 30 July 1989
The LMS "Black Five" tackles the bank on the Mallaig run
4498 Wennington   4498 Sir Nigel Gresley near Wennington, 1 August 1979
The A4 climbs towards the tunnel with a "southern leg" trip from Carnforth
80079 Foley Park   80079 leaves Foley Park tunnel, Sept 1977
The Severn Valley Railway was only open as far as Bewdley at this time, except for enthusiasts weekends...
7029 at Moor Street   7029 Clun Castle at Moor Street, 26 September 1987
This was the last day for Birmingham's old Moor Street station - the following day, the new Snow Hill opened, and Moor Street's terminal platforms were no longer required
Henbury at Bristol   Henbury on the Bristol Harbour Railway, 4 May 1987
...almost recreating an industrial scene from earlier days, the Peckett (P1940/37) steams along towards the SS Great Britain
River Irt at Ravenglass   River Irt poses at Ravenglass, 31 July 1979
River Irt is the unique rebuild of Heywood's 0-8-0T "Muriel" built in 1894, and still retaining the original's unusual valve gear
Caledonian 419 at Bo'ness   Caley 0-4-4T No. 419 at Bo'ness, 11 August 1989
The ex-Caledonian Railway tank locomotive lays a smoke screen over the recently constructed station at Bo'ness, before departing with a train for Birkhill

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