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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400 JPG images, from 35mm negatives.

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03 063 at Berwick   03 063 rests beside the walls of Berwick upon Tweed, 11 July 1984 of the last survivors when I took this one, while out for the day on a "Rover" ticket
25 near Bayston Hill   A 25-hauled Crewe - Cardiff train heads south near Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury, Sept 1979
They replaced the cl120 DMUs. Followed by 33s, 37s, now sprinterised.
37 Little Stretton   A class 37 heads a northbound train of steel flats near Little Stretton, Aug 1978
There are still lots of steel trains on the North and West, in the charge of class 60s
40 Arnside   A westbound sodium carbonate train crosses Arnside viaduct with a class 40 in charge, 2 Aug 1979
There's not much freight to West Cumberland now - not too many 40s either
45 Little Stretton   A "Peak" trundles a mixed freight southwards near Little Stretton, Aug 1978
I've a feeling it might have been a 46. Like the mixed freight, they've all gone too
47 220 Colton   47 220 hurries eastwards near Colton Junction with a short freight, July 1984
The works for the new junction are rear right; York Minster is just visible above the rear of the train.
50 near Sonning   Near Sonning, a class 50 heads a passenger train towards Paddington in early 1978
The in-laws used to live nearby....
DMU Coalbrookdale   The first passenger train from Coalbrookdale since 1962 sets off back to Wolverhampton, 27 May 1979
There haven't been too many passenger trains down the branch in recent years, and the pond is just a bit overgrown
I/C DMU, Chinley   An "Inter-City" DMU approaches Chinley, 24 Feb 1979
We were out snapping "Leander" - this was just a "warming the camera up" shot!

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