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All pictures are copyright G A Cryer. If you wish to use them in any way, please check my copyright notes

All the photographs have been scanned to 600 x 400 JPG images, from 645 & 35mm negatives.

In each case, click on the thumbnail to view the image, then use the "Back" button to return to this page.

1000, 5690 Huby   MR No 1000 and LMS 5690 "Leander" double head a train near Huby, 20 Oct 1979
The Midland Compound and Jubilee on a special, seen between Leeds and Harrogate.
34092 Flaxton   "City of Wells" 34092 near Flaxton with a "Scarborough Spa Express". 10 Aug 1982
Some attractive woodland and common land stretches lie on the first few miles out of York. The "SSE"s were popular in the 80s
4472 Clapham   4472 "Flying Scotsman" pulls away from Clapham with the southern leg of a "Cumbrian Mountain Express". 25 Feb 1984 
The train would run to Hellifield, where a loco change and reversal precede a trip over the Settle and Carlisle
44767 near Clapham   44767 "George Stephenson" darkens the sky on the approach to Clapham with a "Cumbrian Mountain Express". 17 Nov 1984
The weather was not co-operative on this occasion...
46229 Kirkby Stephen   46229 catches the last of the day's sunshine on a southbound "Cumbrian Mountain Express" at Kirkby Stephen. 7 Jan 1984
....but we succeeded on this one
47383 Arley   Ex-LMS "Jinty" 47383 drifts across the Victoria Bridge on the Severn Valley Railway
Taken against the light, trying something s little different
6201 Bayston Hill   6201 "Princess Elizabeth" heads a southbound "Welsh Marches Express" past Bayston Hill. 20 March 1982
just starting to get to grips with the long pull up to Church Stretton
40 015 Baron Wood   40 015 heads north near Baron Wood with the stock of a Cumbrian Mountain Express. 24 April 1984
Sometimes it was worth snapping the diesel-hauled leg of the trip. Despite the snow on Cross Fell, when the steamer passed, the air was too warm, and no steam was visible
104 Miles Platting   A class 104 DMU pauses at Miles Platting. 15 Aug 1984
The station and ancient DMU have long since passed into history...

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