Rolling hills in Mid-Wales - January 2003
Moel Wilym Walks with a Camera
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This shortish walk - 7¼ miles, according to "Walker's Britain 2"*, starts from the oddly-named "Moelfre City", in the middle of nowhere (roughly equidistant from Newtown, Knighton and Llandrindod Wells, to be a little more precise). This is high country, bleak and remote on this windy day, with fine views in all directions.
Walker's Britain 2 describes the walk as "Moderate. Smooth rolling hills, grazed by sheep and semi-wild ponies. Open common, moorland, hills, valleys; one climb; mud". I can't disagree with any of that! Nor can I add very much - so here are some pictures to illustrate what was yet another excellent day out - one to really blow away the cobwebs!
Back to Walks with a Camera Contact Geoff Farm, Moelfre City Tree, Moelfre City Distant ridges - view to Radnor Forest and beyond "semi-wild ponies" on Gors Lydan View to the east, Gors Lydan Tree silhouettes Fence line Baled bracken Horses, Lower Green Wild horses, Moel Wilym Trees, Moelfre City A last look at Moelfre City - all essential amenities!