A fine frosty day on the peaty plateau - November 1987
Kinder Scout Walks with a Camera
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The Peak District is somewhat misnamed - it contains few summits that one could truly describe as "peaks". The top of Kinder Scout is a good illustration of this generalisation - a high wet plateau - lots of peat, which resembles a kind of sticky black porridge when exposed and trodden - and nowhere for the water to escape. On this day, however, we were spared the worst excesses of the black porridge - it was frozen hard! We left home in pretty thick fog, but the forecast promised clear weather on the tops - and so it was. The fogs of the plains gave way to mists in the valleys -  and fine clear air on the tops, with distant views to bubbles of cloud rising through the fog - the power stations on the Trent perhaps.
Starting from Edale, we followed the two alternative routes for the start of the Pennine Way - via Grindsbrook Clough and the plateau, where the rocks resemble Henry Moore sculptures. Kinder Downfall marks the spot where some of the water escapes from the level summit (the rest leaves in walkers' boots...). Here we turned back, following the alternative route via Jacob's Ladder to our starting place. An excellent walk, improved enormously by the frosty weather.
On the drive to Edale - Hope cement works Grindsbrook Clough The top of the Clough - view to Edale A peat grough, Kinder Scout Looking back towards Edale, Grindsbrook Walkers, Kinder Downfall Back to Walks with a Camera Contact Geoff ...where the rocks resemble Henry Moore sculptures... A drier corner of the plateau - frosty view to Edale The frozen river Kinder