("Shouldn't that be Lunar Spain?" asked my colleague). This fine old stone-flagged way passes through fields and woods to Grindleford, where all that remained was the plod back up the road to the station and our car. Conclusion? - an excellent walk - lots of variety, and some real "blow away the cobwebs" weather on the Derwent Edges.
A breezy day on gritstone in the eastern Peak District - 10 miles - August 2003
Derwent Edges Walks with a Camera
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We parked near Grindleford railway station, and headed over the line to Padley Gorge, where the Burbage Brook descends through a rocky wooded valley to the River Derwent. Higher up, the gradient eases and the woodland opens out to a pleasant grassy area before arriving at the A625 Sheffield - Castleton road, near the "Toad's Mouth", an unusually-shaped rock. Just before the road, a path cuts back to the right and, crossing the road up from Grindleford, enters the Longshaw Estate. After about a mile of fast walking in the elevated grounds, the path leaves the estate near the Grouse Inn.... .... half an hour or so later, we left the Grouse, and entered the woodland path which marks the start of the edges. The first section is Froggat Edge, and much of the earlier part is in woodland, but after a while the path leaves the woods and follows a fine route high above the Derwent valley. At some point (I'm not sure where exactly) it becomes Curbar Edge. This section is great walking, with fascinating rock formations carved by the wind - which, on this this occasion, was doing its best to carve a little more.... All good things must end - on reaching the minor road from Curbar, we descended to the latter and, crossing the river, joined the path which follows the old mill "goit" upstream. At the upper end of the goit, we crossed the bridge and followed the riverside path to Froggat, where the route continues along "Spooner Lane"
Footpath sign, Grindleford From New Bridge - the start of the "goit" "...fascinating rock formations" On the edge From the Longshaw Estate - view towards the Hope Valley Burbage Brook, above the woods Padley Gorge In Padley Gorge

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